Transforming a traditional manufacturing system into a just-in-time system with Kanban


The authors present the rationale of JIT (just in time) manufacturing systems and an example of using GPSS/PC simulation to study the effects of adopting JIT with Kanban production control JIT-K in the US manufacturing environment. This methodology is believed to be applicable to other traditional manufacturing systems desiring to better understand and implement JIT. It is shown that all critical parameters of an existing system can be included in a simulation model and tested under a JIT-K production control system. The results for this set of experiments show that a JIT-K system yields about the same output as the traditional system but with significant reductions in work-in-progress and makespan. With the aid of simulation, managers can estimate how performance can be affected as different strategies are used for improvements within the context of JIT-K. The cost effectiveness of these strategies can thus be ascertained for each manufacturing system.


Information Technology and Cybersecurity

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Winter Simulation Conference Proceedings