Disclosure level and compliance with IASs: A comparison of companies with and without U.S. listings and filings


This research investigates the extent to which the disclosure requirements of the IASC are complied with or exceeded for companies claiming to use International Accounting Standards (IASs). Additionally, the research seeks to identify significant differences between those companies with U.S. listings, U.S. filings, and those with no U.S. listings or filings with regard to (1) compliance with IASC-required disclosures, and (2) level of disclosure (including both mandatory and voluntary items). The findings reveal the overall level of disclosure is greater for companies with U.S. listings. Additionally, greater disclosure is associated with an accounting policies footnote that specifically states that the financial statements are prepared in accordance with IASs and an audit opinion that states that International Standards of Auditing (ISAs) were followed when conducting the audit. Further, the findings indicate the extent of compliance with IASs is greater for companies with U.S. listings or filings. A higher level of compliance is associated with an audit opinion that states the financial statements are in accordance with IASs and that ISAs were followed when conducting the audit. The research highlights the significance of the enforcement issue for the International Accounting Standard Committee (IASC) as it seeks an International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) endorsement. The findings indicate enforcement of IASs may be less of an issue for companies with listings and filings in the U.S. However, for companies without U.S. listings and filings, compliance is indeed of great concern.

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Compliance with IASs, IASC, International accounting standards, Voluntary disclosure

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International Journal of Accounting