A model of end user attitudes and intentions toward alternative sources of support


End-user computing has been the focus of research for over a decade. Recent studies on end-user computing support concluded that end users are dissatisfied with the support provided by the information center. In addition to support from an information center, end users seek help from informal sources and local MIS staff. In this study we examine why end-users prefer one source of support (e.g. information center) to another (e.g. local MIS staff). In order to understand end user preferences, we study the factors that affect end user attitude toward a support source. Attitude is an important component in determining user behavior toward using a support source. In this study, a model of end user attitudes and intentions toward the source of support is presented. Analysis of data collected from 108 middle-level managers shows that respondents preferred the use of local MIS staff to both information centers and informal support sources. The results appear to reflect an emerging trend in EUC support and implications of these results are examined in the study.


Information Technology and Cybersecurity

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End-user computing support, EUC support sources, Informal support, Local MIS staff, Support services perceived to be important by users, User attitude, User intention

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Information and Management