A Guide to Locating Financial Information on the Internet


This article presents a guide for locating financial information on the Internet. Information access is vital to every area of finance. Consequently, both financial practitioners and academicians devote a significant amount of time to acquainting themselves with the various sources of finance-related information that are available by subscription, in reference sections of libraries, and on computer tapes, floppy disks, CDs, and the like. For the reader who is not familiar with the Internet and the Web. an understanding of how to access its wealth of financial information requires familiarity with the concepts of the "home page" and the Uniform Resource Locator. Every information provider on the Web has a home page that is best thought of as a combination title page and table of contents. The typical home page includes the information provider's name and/or logo and some sort of brief listing of the information it provides. Ordinarily, this listing is a set of hypertext links to the information itself.


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