Tools for teacher noticing: Helping preservice teachers notice and analyze student thinking and scientific practice use


This study explores the potential of a set of Tools for Teacher Noticing in helping novice teachers learn to notice and reason about features of ambitious science teaching. A total of 53 novice teachers in an elementary science methods course were taught to use 4 tools to enact and reflect on reform-oriented science teaching. In 159 written reflections on 3 teaching rehearsals novices identified and justified areas for improvement. Findings indicated that 81% of novices noticed areas for improvement in their attempts at ambitious practice related to 2 important features of instruction: student science content learning and use of scientific practices; novices also cited concerns related to the goals of integrated science instruction. A total of 19% of novices focused on general pedagogy moves. In this category, novices attended to aspects of instruction such as reviewing safety rules and managing student interest and attention. These findings suggest that the tool-supported rehearsals may provide novice teachers with opportunities to notice, analyze, and improve important aspects of their instruction in the methods course setting.


Childhood Education and Family Studies

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Inquiry, Methods courses, Preservice teachers, Reflective practice

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Journal of Science Teacher Education