Lower Ordovician (Tremadocian) lingulate brachiopods from the house and Fillmore Formations, Ibex area, Western Utah, USA


Seven genera and eight species of lingulate brachiopods were recovered from the House Limestone and lower Fillmore Formation, Ibex area, Utah, USA. These strata are assigned to the upper Skullrockian Stage and lower Stairsian Stage of the Ibexian Series (Iapetognathus Conodont Zone to Low Diversity Interval) and are correlated with the Tremadocian Series of the Acado-Baltic Faunal Province. The fauna includes two new linguloid species, Spinilingula prisca and Wahwahlingula sevierensis, one new siphonotretoid species, Schizambon obtusus, and two new acrotretoid species, Eurytreta fillmorensis and Ottenbyella ibexiana. The last species is the first record of the genus in North America and suggests a correlation of the basal Fillmore Formation with the Ceratopyge Limestone in Sweden. A Siphonobolus? covered by long hollow spines may be one of the oldest siphonotretides with such ornament. This fauna and those described previously from older Utah strata document the biodiversification of the Cambrian-Ordovician lingulate brachiopods and demonstrate their potential for regional and intercontinental correlation.


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Journal of Paleontology