Person-Centered and Related Expressive Arts in School-Based Groups with Adolescents


Adolescence is a period of growth in which one aims for both individualization and group belonging. Counselors may face unique challenges when working with adolescents because they often have difficulty expressing themselves in traditional talk therapy and may be too old to respond freely in a traditional play therapy climate. Personcentered and related expressive arts therapies involve the use of the arts as a method for individuals to express their inner thoughts and emotions while gaining self-awareness in a non-threatening environment. Expressive arts therapy has been shown to have positive effects on adolescents in a variety of settings. This paper examines literature related to the use of expressive arts therapy with adolescents in both individual and group settings. Findings from the studies are integrated in a summary and a critique of the maturity of the empirical literature is included in the conclusion.


Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education

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expressive arts, person-centered, group, school, adolescents

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The Person-Centered Journal