Although the field of transprejudice studies has been growing, the literature suggests a need for quality assessments in languages other than English. To address this need, our study translated the Transgender Attitudes and Beliefs Scale (TABS) and evaluated its psychometric properties for use with Spanish-speaking populations. We recruited participants ( = 605) from American and Spanish samples. Results of the confirmatory factor analysis showed adequate fit, confirming the three-factor structure of TABS-Spanish Version (TABS-S). Correlations with existing measures provided evidence for its convergent and discriminant validity. Known-groups validity of the TABS-S was evidenced through confirming previous findings that females show less transgender prejudice than males. Moreover, the internal consistency of the TABS-S scores was high for the total scale (α = .96) and subscales (α = .87-.96). Overall, there is preliminary evidence to suggest that the TABS-S is a valid and reliable scale appropriate for use with Spanish-speaking populations.


Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education

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Spanish, Transgender Attitudes And Beliefs Scale, Transgender prejudice, reliability, scale validation, transgender and gender non-conforming, validity

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Journal of homosexuality