The Power of Harmony: Insights from a Korean Children's Community-Based Chorus

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Korean, community, sociocultural, music


This study examines a Korean children's community-based chorus within the US context. Through an in-depth examination of group musical activities and interviews of Korean early childhood educators and Korean immigrant parents within the sociocultural framework, this study makes visible the meanings of engaging in a community-based children's musical experience. Findings indicate that both groups of early childhood educators and Korean parents found that engaging in a community-based chorus provided developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive experiences for young children and their families. These findings suggest that the nature of group musical experiences can be harmonized with early childhood curricula, and provide more comprehensive understandings about the Korean culture, relating how culturally relevant teaching can lead to positive effects for immigrant children and their families.

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Min Yu, Hae. "The Power of Harmony: Insights from a Korean Children's Community-Based Chorus." Asia-Pacific Journal of Research in Early Childhood Education 10, no. 1 (2016): 21-43.

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Childhood Education and Family Studies