Coping in Families with a Retarded Child

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The impact of a retarded child on a family has previously been described by individual family members' reports. This study of 40 families, 10 in each of four critical periods during the life of the retarded child, utilized videotaped interviews with whole families, with subsequent clinical observation and analysis based on the Beavers family assessment model. Healthy and problematic adaptations are delineated, with specific attention to systems concepts such as family structure and power, member individuation, feeling expression, and values. The report includes data analysis and a summary of pattern differences in family functioning.

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Beavers, Jeanette, Robert B. Hampson, Yosef F. Hulgus, and W. Robert Beavers. "Coping in families with a retarded child." Family Process 25, no. 3 (1986): 365-378.

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