Theses from 2016


An Exploration Of The Prevalence Of Advocacy Efforts And The Role Of The School Counselor In Lgbt Student Advocacy, Lacey Beatrice Berry


Development Of The Transgender Attitudes And Knowledge Scale (Trans) And Evangelical Christians' Attitudes Toward Transgender, Yasuko Kanamori


Toward Writing Skill With A Toddler Who Is Blind Using A Braille Writer, Paige Renee Maynard


Beyond The Three-Category Model: An Exploration Of Sexual Orientation In Women Aged 18 And Older, Julie C. Wrocklage

Theses from 2015


The Effects of I-Connect Self-Monitoring on the On-Task Behavior of Two Students With Autism, Alexandra Kozuma Beckman


The Impact of Mindfulness Training and Practice on Counselor-Trainees: a Phenomenological Study, Joshua Justin Cook


The Effect of a Social Skills Package on Initiations, Responses, and Turn-Taking in Young Children With Autism, Mary Elizabeth Ortman


Increasing Rates of Specific Praise and Otr Provided By Para-educators in Special Education Classrooms, Jordan Christopher Politte


How Does an Interpreter Affect the Client-Counselor Relationship With a Client Who Is Deaf?, Vanessa Ivette Rodriguez-Aviles


The Use of the Social Skills Module Training to Teach Appropriate Communication Skills to a Student With Autism, Mark Emmerson Simmonds III


The Use of Cw-Fit in an Elementary Resource Room For Students With Autism, Erin E. S. Wilson

Theses from 2014


The Effects of I-Connect on Student Engagement With Three High School Students With Autistic Characteristics, Lachelle Lynn Clemons


Exploring the Lived Experience of the Mothers' Club Program For Salvadorian Women Who Have Suffered Trauma, Andrea Louise Frey Metzger


The Acquisition of Language in a Deafblind Child, Beverly Michelle Lockart


An Examination of the Occurrence of Racial Microaggressions and Their Relation to Self-Esteem, Stress, and Racial Identity, Kendra Elizabeth Shoge

Theses from 2012


Examination of Impact: Intergroup Dialogues in Diversity Engagement, Camielle Joy Famous


Opening a Can of Worms: African American Therapists' Attitudes About Broaching Race With White Clients, Michelle Gavel

Theses from 2011


Using Expressive Arts Therapy Techniques to Assist Low Socioeconomic Middle School Students Overcome Barriers in Self-Esteem, Stephanie L. Peek


An Inquiry Into the Factor Structure and Internal Consistency of the Counselor-Trainee Process Assessment, Josh Tyler Smith

Theses from 2010


What Is A Family Psychologist? An Examination Of Perceptions Among Practitioners, Chris Loyd Carver


An Exploration of the Relationship Between Racial Identity, Self-Esteem, and Perceived Racist Events Among African Americans, Laura L. Harris


A Study of the Effect of Counseling Orientation Class on the Locus of Control and the Affect on Student Counselors, Alison Leigh Hembree


Comparison of Functional Behavior Assessment and Analysis Procedures For Students With Challenging Behaviors, Candace Joy Lane

Theses from 2009


A Study Of The Effectiveness Of Incorporating Expressive Arts Group Therapy Into TRiO: Upward Bound Services, Sarah J. Wright

Theses from 2008


The Effects of an Expressive Arts Therapy Group on Female Counselors-In-Training: a Qualitative Study, Elizabeth A. Keller


The Effects of Social Skills Instruction and Video-Modeling on a Student With Autism Spectrum Disorder, Katie Marie Kreimer


Use and Effects of an Instructional Strategy For High School Mathematics Students With Mental Retardation, Jacob H. Schnur

Theses from 2007

Guilt and Relational Aggression Between Mothers and Their Adult Daughters, Alison J. Griswold

Theses from 2006

The Effects Of Laubach Way To Reading On Students Diagnosed With Cognitive And Behavioral Disorders, Charlie Johnson

Predictability of Staff Risk in a Mental Health Agency, Aaron B. Rimel

Functional Analysis Of Off-Task Behavior Of Elementary-Age Students With Emotional And Attentional Disorders During Reading Activities, Nicole A. Welch

Theses from 2005

Efficacy Of Career Counseling In A University Setting, Tracy A. Keaton

Aging and Women's Relationship With Women in the Context of U.S. Beauty Culture, Sarrisa J. McClure

Effects of Classroom Diversity Training on Appreciation of Similarity and Difference, Sarah D. Niere

Theses from 2004

Practices and Attitudes Toward Inclusion of Children and Youth With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Lyn Harris

Theses from 2003

Adjustment to College of Home Schooled and Traditionally Schooled Students, Christopher R. Wilson

Theses from 2002

The Effects of Diagnostic and Prescriptive Reading Approaches on Students Diagnosed as Emotionally Disturbed, Kodi Logan

Theses from 2000

Family Violence as Predictive of Attitudes Toward Women in Boys, Rita Ann Johnson

Theses from 1998

Writing Strategy Instruction For Students With Learning Disabilities: Effects on Writing Performance and Fluency, Dwight D. Walker

Theses from 1997

Uncertainty Reduction in Initial Interaction of Collectivist and Individualist Students, Janet S. Swann

Theses from 1996

A Descriptive Study of the Similitude That Exists Between Shyness, Generalized Social Phobia, and Avoidant Personality Disorder, Beverly Diane Austin

A Descriptive Study of Mental Health Professionals' Attitudes Toward Treatment of Eating Disorders, Tracy A. Kopetzki

Theses from 1995

A Comparative Study of the Frequency of Nonclinical Panic Attacks as Experienced By Students in the United States and Their English Counterparts, Wendy Anne Broadbent

A Descriptive Study of the Attitudes and Treatment Practices of Licensed Professional Counselors When Addressing Bulimia, Stephanie Lyn Kollmeyer

A Comparative Study of the Effects of the Difference in Self-Esteem of the Middle School Students After Conflict Management Instruction, Janice E. Reynolds

Theses from 1994

Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect Through a Parent Education and Support Center, Jennifer Johnson

Theses from 1992

A Causal-Comparative Study of the Influence of Loss Issues on the Anxiety Levels of Adolescent Psychiatric In-Patients, Steven A. Moncher

Theses from 1990

Southern Seasons: a Collection of Short Stories, Sharon Roberts

Theses from 1989

Such Small Expressions of Forgiveness: a Collection of Short Stories, Kyle Donaldson

Theses from 1988

The Feelings and Emotions of Normal Siblings With Handicapped Brothers and Sisters as Presented in 23 Young Adult Novels--How Realistic?, Elizabeth Susanne Carter

Theses from 1983

An Assessment of Parent Attitudes Toward Special Education Services in Rural Greene County, Missouri, Kimberly Ann Nye

Theses from 1982

The Effect of Early Abuse and Neglect on Academic Achievement, Nan S. Andrews

Theses from 1981

Grading, a Survey of Current Beliefs, Bruce A. Murray

Theses from 1980

A Model Reading Program For Gifted Students, Marilyn L. Fletcher

The Effect of a Course in Educational Gymnastics Upon Preschool Behavior and Readiness Skills, Sharon A. Sterchy

Theses from 1978

Value of Peer Tutoring For Children With Learning Disabilities, Debra Kay Berthot

Theses from 1977

The Views of Selected Students, Parents and Teachers Concerning a Private Catholic Education, Travena Sue Emmerson

A Study of Effects of Direct Spelling Instruction on Spelling Achievement and Skills Acquisition, Allen L. Stephens

Theses from 1970

Teaching Verbal Communication Skills In The Kindergarten, Sophia Griesbaum