Theses from 2007

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An Exploratory Study of Music Industry Life Cycles: Selected Country Artists, Deborah Elane McDonald

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Employee Downsizing: Analysis and Effects, Charles H. Good

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The Dynamics of the Rights and Privileges of Smoking and Non-Smoking Employees, James Charles Drake

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The Future of Intellectual Property in Hong Kong Following the Transfer of Power from Great Britain to China, C. Travis Webb

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Theses from 1977

Collective Bargaining: Partnership by Legislation, John A. Gross

Theses from 1976

The Basis of Future Financial Statements Will Be in Units of General Purchasing Power or Current Replacement Cost, David L. Bearden

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Should Accounting Be Divided into Two Sectors, Based on Ownership Structure?, David B. Byrd

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An Analysis of the Problems and Responsibilities of Corporate Managers in the Abatement of Industrial Air Pollution, Ben Clayton Betzer

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Motivational Aids and Devices for the Secretarial or Clerical Practice Class, Barbara Kay Wommack

Theses from 1972

A Study of Equal Employment Opportunity Legislation and Agencies Affecting Missouri's State and Local Government Employees, Robert James Carroll