Theses from 2016


Exploring Test Anxiety In BSN Nursing Students, Annette Marie Keller

Theses from 2014


Storage and Disposal of Medications in the Home, Sarah Jo Lewis


Understanding Perceived Conflict Between Emergency Nurses and Inpatient Nurses During the Patient Handoff, Kimberly D. Maigi


Predictors of Injury Associated with the Adult Novice Endurance Runner, Jennifer Lynn Metscher


College Women's Perception of Barriers and Motivations to Cervical Cancer Screening, Candace Chantel Roland

Theses from 2013


Nurses' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs Regarding Comfort Measures for IV Procedural Pain, Betty Bruce


Nurse Compliance With Guidelines For Administering Chemotherapy, Gaylene Chapman


Generational Differences in Nurse to Nurse Bullying, Laura Dawn Clark


Pediatric Patient and Injury Characteristics, and Signs and Symptoms Associated with Positive Computed Tomography of the Head, Trisha Ann Orrell


The Characteristics and Practice Patterns of Family Nurse Practitioner Program Graduates of Missouri State University, Larisa Alexandrovna Sychova

Theses from 2012


Nurses' Perceptions of Moral Distress When Initiating Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Kristie Martine McCoy


Shift Work and Chronic Disease in Female Hospital Nurses, Jamie Lynn Morse


The Relationship Between Health Behaviors and the Incidence of Sexual Violence Among College Women, Cortni Marie Stratton

Theses from 2011


Nurse Practitioner Role in the Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Underage Drinking, Mary Ann Geer


The Lived-Experience of the Obese Adolescent Female: A Qualitative Perspective, Jamie Leigh Randall-Arell

Theses from 2010


A Survey of Developmental Care in Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the United States, Natalie A. Bieker


Health Beliefs of Uninsured Hypertensive Patients, Laura Dianne Burton


Cultural Competence of Senior Baccalaureate Nursing Students, Silvia Imanda


Health Care Utilization Patterns of the Vulnerable Population, Candise Elaine Jordan


A Study of Substance Use and the Relationship to Sexual Assault and Risky Sexual Behavior in Undergraduate College Students, Emily Diane Kruse

Menopausal transitional depression and HRT use in menopausal women, Tracie Ojakangas


The Impact of War: Health Perceptions of WWII Veterans of Ozark County, Missouri, Kimberly S. Peters


Emergency Department Utilization, Veronica Ann Putnam


The Use of Strict Pulse Oximeter Parameters and the Effects on Retinopathy of Prematurity in the Premature Neonate, Tammy Lynn Seifried


Cognitive Abilities of Low Birthweight Infants at 13 to 18 Years of Age, Lauren Haddow Shehan


University Nursing Students' Perceptions of Poverty before and after Educational Instruction Coupled with Experiential Clinical Engagement, Danita Ann Todd

Theses from 2009


The Impact of Computerized Provider Order Entry on Pediatric Medication Errors, Mandi L. Barnes


Nurses' Perception of Their Ability to Provide End-of-Life Care, Allison Felton


Childhood Overweight and Obesity: How Are Practitioners Addressing the Epidemic?, Tiffany LeAnn Villarreal

Theses from 2008


Exploring Nurses' Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Hand Hygiene and General Practice Guidelines, Elaine Blevins


Evaluating Women's Knowledge of Coronary Heart Disease: A Campus Study, Kimberly M. Childers

The Effectiveness of the D.A.R.E. Prevention Program in Rural Missouri, Krystal S. Colvin


Healthcare Perceptions, Beliefs, and Practices of the Amish of Webster County, Missouri, Jaimee Allisen Givens


A Descriptive Survey of the Health, Health Behaviors, and Healthcare of College Sophomore Women, Sarah L. Jones

Do Nurses Still Eat Their Young?: Horizontal Violence and the Novice Nurse, Amy L. Logan

Body Mass Index and Severity of Sleep Apnea, Matt Petit

Nurse Practitioner Self-Perceived Competency of Performing Eye Exams on Adults in the Rural Clinic, Bonnie A. Plocher


Attitudes of Emergency Nurses Toward Their Clients Who Are Impoverished, Brenda Simpson


Effectiveness of Smoking Cessation Strategies in Undergraduate College Students, Maranda Lee Vincent


Interrater Reliability of a Nursing Dysphagia Screen, Brian George Wagoner

Theses from 2007

How Predisposing and Enabling Factors Contribute to Oral Health Needs among Low-Income Rural Adults, Mary Ann Coverdell

Cardiovascular Effects of Methamphetamine Addiction, Melissa D. Dixon

A Descriptive Study of Spousal Caregiver Fatigue, Stephanie Ledl

Theses from 2006

Nurse Practitioners: A Measurement of Job Satisfaction, Esther den Hartog

The Comparison of Upper Arm and Forearm Blood Pressure, Kathy-Lynn Domiano

Attitudes of Emergency Care Providers Towards Family Presence During Resuscitation, Jerry W. Dorris

Over-the-Counter Medication Use among Preschool Age Children, Kathleen Purvis

Effectiveness of a One-Day Educational Program for Young Traffic Offenders, Joy Raybourn

Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Camp Barnabas: Therapy or Fun?, Amanda Sundberg

Theses from 2005

Factors That Influence the Choice of a Generic Baccalaureate Nursing (BSN) Program, Jan Atwell

A Description of Depression in Women Experiencing Infertility, Susan K. Groban

Cognitive Abilities of Low Birthweight Children at School Age, Catherine B. Haddow

The Description of Asthma Management Activities and Responsibilities of Children and Their Parents, Jennifer L. Passanise

Health-Related Quality of Life in Fibromyalgia: A Descriptive Study, Laura D. Richter

The Relationship Between Demographic and Academic Variables, Mathematical Self-Efficacy, and Dosage Calculation Performance Among Associate Degree Nursing Students, Susan J. Verwey

Theses from 2004

Survey of Knowledge About Antibiotics and Their Use, Ellen Bivens

Reasons Students Choose Or Hesitate to Choose Nursing as a Career, Teresa F. Davis

The Male Nurse and License Discipline in Missouri, Anita L. Evangelista

An Intervention to Improve Critical Thinking in Nursing Students, Kathryn M. Jones

Fall Prevention Pilot Project in the Elderly, Deborah A. Upton

Gender Biases Within the Beck Depression Inventory-Ii Among Clinicians-In-Training, Jennifer M. Wagner

Theses from 2003

How Do Ethnicity, Age, and Insurance Coverage Affect Dental Use Patterns in Children?, Elizabeth K. Adams

Job Stress: Affects [i.e. Effects] on Job Satisfaction Among Registered Nurses in a Hospital Setting, Andrea Gramling

Effects of Air Versus Ground Transport on the Interfacility Transfer Patient, Vickie M. Lagergren

Eating Disorders and Alcohol Use in College Women, Amy E. Lunn-Shell

Congestive Heart Failure, Social Support and Depression in Women, Katherine M. Rains

Polypharmacy Issues in Senior Citizens, Teresa N. Sondermann

Theses from 2002

Registered Nurses Intent to Leave, Susan Berg

A Descriptive Study of the Impact of Migraine Headaches on Children's Lifestyles, Sarah Silvey Cates

Adolescent Health Care and Health Risk Screenings, Angie Kaye Powers

A Quasi-Experimental Study Evaluating a Reflective Teaching Method, as Measured in the Writing of Nurses' Notes, Ginny Mae Schroeder

Healthcare Practitioners and Herbal Medicine: Knowledge, Education, Use, Beliefs, and Client Guidance, Christi Wilson

Theses from 2001

An Investigation of Alcohol, Cigarette, and Drug Use, and Other Lifestyle Behaviors Among College Women, Melissa Davis

Cultural Competence: Process Or Product?, Gaye Schaffitzel

Dentists' Attitudes As Barriers To Dental Care For Pediatric Medicaid Recipients, Terri Schmitt

Over-The-Counter Drug Use Among Adolescents, Rita Snavely

Theses from 2000

Patient Understanding of Medical Terminology, Mina Higgins

A Descriptive Study of Health Care Needs of Homeless Youth, Vicky J. Owens

Theses from 1999

A Study of the Health Beliefs and Barriers to Care For the Medicaid Population, Kathryn Herfkens Ampleman

Theses from 1998

The Effect of a Teaching Intervention on Cardiac Risk Factor Knowledge Among Elementary School Children, Alida M. Bloom

Reflections of Teenage Mothers Who Chose Unprotected Sex At the Time of Conception, Vicki Ellison Burns

Profile of Risk Factors in the Development of Urinary Incontinence in Females, Sharon Kay Johanns