The City of Springfield has contracted the Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute at Missouri State University to measure stream flow and sample water quality parameters in the Jordan Creek Underground to determine potential inputs from leaking sewer lines and other shallow groundwater sources. Exfiltration losses from leaking sanitary sewer systems can cause pollution problems in receiving streams and water quality surveys have been used to locate wastewater exfiltration from sanitary sewers into local streams (Dove et al., 2013, Owen et al. 2017, Owen et al. 2018). Jordan Creek is located in central Springfield, Missouri and flows through an underground box culvert that was built in 1928 within the old industrial area of downtown Springfield. The purpose of this study is to quantify variations in water quality at base flow along a 4,400 ft reach of the Jordan Creek that includes the portion that flows through the underground box culvert between Grant Ave. and Sherman Parkway in downtown Springfield.

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Prepared for the City of Springfield Missouri

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