Submissions from 2019

Auditory Sensory Gating and the Big Five Personality Factors, Carly A. Yadon and Timothy K. Daugherty

Submissions from 2018

Methods to detect low quality data and its implication for psychological research, Erin M. Buchanan and John E. Scofield

Supplemental Instruction: Understanding Academic Assistance in Underrepresented Groups, Erin M. Buchanan, Kathrene D. Valentine, and Michael L. Frizell

Submissions from 2017


From Oxytocin to Health: exploring the relationship between OXTR rs53576, emotional stability, social support, and health, Amber Rhea Abernathy

Submissions from 2016


An Experimental Approach to Assessing the Perceived Value of Personal and Social Responsibility, Timothy K. Daugherty

Functional leadership: Bi-strategic controllers high on effortful control show gains in status and health, Amber Massey-Abernathy and Jennifer Byrd-Craven

Seeing but Not Feeling: Machiavellian Traits in Relation to Physiological Empathetic Responding and Life Experiences, Amber Massey-Abernathy and Jennifer Byrd-Craven

Submissions from 2015

Eliminating postdoctoral training as a requirement for licensure: Perceptions and anticipated impacts., Austin T. Boon, David J. Lutz, and Katie M. Marburger

Change takes time: Understanding and responding to culture change in course redesign., Danae L. Hudson, Brooke L. Whisenhunt, Carol F. Shoptaugh, Michelle E. Visio, Christie Cathey, and Ann D. Rost

The role of analogy in reports of presque vu: Does reporting the presque vu state signal the near retrieval of a source analogy?, Bogdan Kostic, Sophie Erwin Booth, and Anne M. Cleary

Auditory sensory gating and performance on the Delis–Kaplan Executive Function System, M. Truelove-Hill and C. A. Yadon

The Effects of Vigilance and Visual Distraction on the P50 Mid-Latency Auditory Evoked Potential, Carly A. Yadon, Michael A. Kisley, and Deana B. Davalos

The influence of pretrial exposure to community outrage and victim hardship on guilt judgments, David Zimmerman, Dario Rodriguez, Amanda Bergold, and Steven Penrod

Submissions from 2014

Social Media, Social Capital, and the Civic Participation of College Students, Michael D. Stout, Bradley J. Fisher, and Chantal Lvesque-Bristol


An examination of body tracing among women with high body dissatisfaction, Gail A. Williams, Danae Lisa Hudson, Brooke L. Whisenhunt, and Janis Crowther

Submissions from 2013

The Advisor and Instructor as a Dynamic Duo: Academic Motivation and Basic Psychological Needs, Tracie D. Burt, Adena D. Young-Jones, Carly A. Yadon, and Michael T. Carr

Capturing the Student Perspective: A New Instrument for Measuring Advising Satisfaction, Marilee L. Teasley and Erin M. Buchanan

Academic advising: does it really impact student success?, Adena D. Young, Tracie D. Burt, Stephanie Dixon, and Melissa J. Hawthorne

Submissions from 2012

Untreated prenatal maternal depression and the potential risks to offspring: a review, Deana B. Davalos, Carly A. Yadon, and Hope C. Tregellas

Submissions from 2011

When word identification fails: ERP correlates of recognition without identification and of word identification failure, Anthony J. Ryals, Carly A. Yadon, Jason S. Nomi, and Anne M. Cleary

Submissions from 2009

Replication Evidence in Support of the Psychometric Properties of the Devereux Early Childhood Assessment, Peter E. Jaberg, David J. Dixon, and Glenna M. Weis

Submissions from 2008

Conquering Mnemonophobia, with Help from Three Practical Measures of Memory and Application, Russell N. Carney and J. R. Levin

Intuiting the Selection Context, Richard Klimoski and Robert G. Jones

Intervening with coaches to promote awareness and prevention of weight pressures in cheerleaders, B. L. Whisenhunt, D. A. Williamson, D. L. Drab-Hudson, and H. Walden

Submissions from 2007

Mindfulness as a moderator of the effect of implicit motivational self-concept on day-to-day behavioral motivation, Chantal Levesque and Kirk Warren Brown

Validating the theoretical structure of the Treatment Self-Regulation Questionnaire (TSRQ) across three different health behaviors, Chantal Levesque, Geoffrey C. Williams, Diane Elliot, Michael A. Pickering, Bradley Bodenhammer, and Phillip J. Finley

Submissions from 2006

A self-determination multiple risk intervention trial to improve smokers' health, Geoffrey C. Williams, Holly McGregor, Daryl Sharp, Ruth W. Kouides, Chantal S. Levesque, Richard M. Ryan, and Edward L. Deci

Submissions from 2004

Employee Eldercare Responsibilities: Should Organizations Care?, Carol F. Shoptaugh, Jeanne A. Phelps, and Michelle E. Visio

Submissions from 2003

Gender Typing of Sports: An Investigation of Metheny's Classification, Brenda A. Riemer and Michelle E. Visio

Submissions from 2002


Successful Strategies for Serving Diverse Populations, Tracy X. Karner and Lisa Cox Hall

Meaningful Activity in Older Adults: Being in Flow, Susan A. Myllykangas, Carol A. Gosselink, Alice K. Foose, and Diane B. Gaede

Development of the body checking questionnaire: A self-report measure of body checking behaviors, Deborah L. Reas, Brooke L. Whisenhunt, Rick Netemeyer, and Donald A. Williamson

Effectiveness of Physical Therapy Intervention in Decreasing the Risk for Falls in a Community-Dwelling Aging Population, Barbara Robinson, Joanne Gordon, Scott Wallentine, and Michelle Visio

Submissions from 2000

Fading Mnemonic Memories: Here's Looking Anew, Again!, Russell N. Carney and Joel R. Levin

Submissions from 1998


Illness, Identity, and Survivorship: Modern and Postmodern Breast Cancer Narratives, Lisa Cox Hall

Submissions from 1997

Using confirmatory factor analysis to identify newborn behavior structure with the NBAS, Karen M. McCollam, Susan E. Embretson, D. Wayne Mitchell, and Frances Degen Horowitz

Submissions from 1993

The Effects of Cooperative and Individualistic Reward on Intrinsic Motivation, Harry L. Hom, Mark Berger, Melissa K. Duncan, Arden Miller, and Aleta Blevin

Submissions from 1991

Individual Differences in Infant Visual Attention: Are Short Lookers Faster Processors or Feature Processors?, John Colombo, D. Wayne Mitchell, Jeffrey T. Coldren, and Lauren J. Freeseman

Submissions from 1989

Feedback complexity and practice: Response pattern analysis in retention and transfer, Gary D. Phye and Timothy Bender