Theses from 2018


Did Hollywood Take Theatre "by Hook or by Crook?", Catherine S. Wright

Theses from 2016


Shavian Ethic As Evidenced In Four Major Plays, Carol E. Auterson

Theses from 2014


Arts Socialization: a Profile of the Millennial Spectator, Derek Reid Munson


Technical Design as the Eighth Character in Ibsen's Hedda Gabler, Chelsea K. Russell

Theses from 2013


Obscenity and Expression: Profanity and Swear Words in the Theatre, Samantha Allayne Kennedy


Beauties, Booties, Busts, and Boys: an Analysis of the Evolution and Influence of American Burlesque, Kacey Allyn Pennington

Theses from 2012


Commedia Dell'Arte in Modern Theatre, Jennifer Marie Ezell


“Courage Is Contagious": the Use of That Takes Ovaries Drama Therapy to Empower Women and Girls, Autumn Ivy Nelson


The Tight Booking of an Era: Circuit Chautauqua's Role in the Development of an American Theatre, Christopher Staggs

Theses from 2011


The Lady Takes the War to the Boards: Augusta Gregory and the Irish Renaissance, Gabrielle L. Glaze

Theses from 2009


Aesthetics in Black Drama: August Wilson and Suzan-Lori Parks, Alexander Thomas Murphy

Theses from 2008


Project Impression: An Ensemble Rehearsal and Performance Project for the Healing and Growth of Adolescent Survivors of Abuse, Rebecca E. Grant


Traumatic Personal Narratives: Personal and Social Benefits of Scripting and Performing, Noah D. Lelek


Designing Theatre Lesson Plans and a Standards-Based Theatre Curriculum Targeting Middle Level Adolescents, Carol A. Toney

Theses from 2007

Influences of Forms of Theatre on Development of American Musical Theatre, Shani Bufford

Theses from 2006

A Discussion of the Mercurius Type Within William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Othello, the Moor of Venice King Lear and Macbeth, Scott S. Boston

The Development of Yiddish Theatre in Czarist Russia : A Study of the Interaction between Majority and Minority Cultures, Catherine I. Bradley

Anne Frank: an Educational Performance Piece for Middle School Students, Darby Kennerly

A Creative Project in Costume Design: Escape from Happiness, Dustin Shaffer

Theses from 2004

A Psychological Evaluation of the Performance Text of the Morality Play in Relation to the Black Death, Kevin Babbitt

A History of the Coterie Theatre and Its Contribution to Theatre For Young People, Patricia Sentlinger

Theses from 2002

Developing self-understanding in adolescent boys through high school drama classes, Kathleen Day

Theatre As A Civic Rejuvenator: How The Vandivort Center Theatre Affects Business And Culture In Springfield, Missouri, Kevin Jones

No Strings: Contemporary Theatre Technology Realizes Edward Gordon Craig's Über-Marionette, David Kilpatrick

A Study of the Gillioz Theatre: Its Architecture, History and the Present Renovation, Tracey Rainey

Challenging A History Of Theatre: Springfield, Missouri And Its Formative Entertainment, Charles Thompson

Theses from 2001

A Historical Study of the Juanita K. Hammons Hall For the Performing Arts: the Formative Years, Mark Templeton

Theses from 2000

An Autoethnographic Study of Bisexuality in the Midwestern United States Including an Original Performance Script, Whose Closet?, Heather A. Lewis

Producing Participation Theatre For Children By Youth in the Secondary School: a Production of Reginald F. Bain's Clowns' Play, Angela Desiree Wingo

An Application of Marcus Tullius Cicero's Rhetorical Canon to Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed: a Case Study Involving Southwest Missouri State University's Theatre Peer-Education Troupe, Barestage, Ew Winship

An Exploration Of The Semiotic Potential Of Choreography Within A Straight Play Utilized In A Production Of Jim Leonard, Jr's And They Dance Real Slow In Jackson, Lisa Renee Young

Theses from 1999

Inside the Mind of a Rapist: the Creation of Raul in William Mastrosimone's Extremities, William Steven Fite

Understanding the Director's Role as Communicator Through the Direction of Sexual Perversity in Chicago, Misty Morgan Hicks

Establishing A Theatrical Arts Program For Children On A United States Army Post, Rebecca Diane Montgomery

A Creative Project in Costume Design: a Midsummer Night's Dream, Sabrina Notrafrancisco

Suggested Musical Scenes Appropriate For High School Theatre Festivals and Contests, Sherie Lynn Ragan

A Directorial Process For a Production of Harold Pinter's the Homecoming, Daniel Matthews Tipton

Theses from 1998

Antonin Artaud: What Does 'Theatre of Cruelty' Look Like?, David Robert Fields

Plotting the Processes of Writing and Directing an Original Music Theatre Production For Ecumenical Theatre Called, the Congregation, Glenda Esther Mohr

Theses from 1997

Developing a Directorial Vision For a Production of Jim Leonard, Jr.'s, the Diviners, Timothy Scott Casto

Sign By Design: the Semiotics of Lighting Design as Illustrated Through the Lighting of Tent Theatre, 1996, Cristopher C. Dopher

Song of Norma: a Case Study Script Creation and Revision Within an Academic Setting, Steven Gary Martin

Exploring the Directing Process in the Secondary School: a Production of Anne of Green Gables, Melissa Faye Morgan

Theses from 1996


A History of the Shepherd of the Hills Dramatizations: the Branson Productions, Michael Lewis Frizell

Theses from 1995

Directing Choices: a Production of John Patrick Shanley's Italian American Reconciliation, Michael A. Rothmayer

Theses from 1994

An Historical Study For a Production Reconstructing Helen Keller's Vaudeville and Lecture Performances, Karen Payne Malone

The Directorial Process For a Production of Lee Blessing's Eleemosynary, John Francis Schulte

Theses from 1993

A History of the SMSU Ozarks Spring Interpretation Festival and Its Evolution Into the Ozarks Performance Festival, J. Michael Herndon

A Comparative Study: American and Japanese Comic Performances, Shinya Inoue

Theses from 1992

The Study of Ritual as a Means of Conceiving a Production Approach to Eugene Ionesco's the Lesson, Amy Elisabeth Schafer

Theses from 1991

Directing a Production of William Inge's Bus Stop, Ruth Ann Batts

Organizing A Small Professional Theatre In The State Of Missouri: A Procedural Guide, Stephen Edgar Dowell

Theses from 1990

The Troubles I've Seen: a Compiled Script For High-School Readers-Theatre Competition, Kayla Beatty

Computer Usage For Front-Of-House Management in Educational Theatre: A Survey, Diane Lynn Danforth

Directing a Production of Tina Howe's Painting Churches, Cheryl Ann Verbeck

Theses from 1987

Historical Study of Southwest Missouri State University Summer Tent Theatre, 1969-1987, Brenda L. May

A Directional Approach to Commedia Dell' Arte as Applied in the Production of a Company of Wayward Saints By George Herman, Philip D. McGuire

A Creative Approach to Play Direction Through the Shadow Box: a Thesis Production, John R. Rogers

Images: a Study of the Significance of Personality Constructs Through the Medium of a Film Screen Play, Coburn M. Tuller

Theses from 1986

William Hooker Gillette American Theatrical Innovator, Joseph E. Bowman

Theses from 1985

A Prompt Book For The Strafford High School Production Of Li'L Abner, Peggy L. Turner

Theses from 1984

Subconscious Programming and Creative Achievements, Susan Bennett

Theses from 1981

A Creative Project in Design: Dragons, Dreams and Magic Beans, an Original Children's Theatre Production Adapted By Sharon Ellis, Susan T. McElhaney

Theses from 1979

Creative Project In Design: Step On A Crack, Carl D. Miller

A Report on the Creation of a Four-Part Radio Series: Watch Your Languate!, Sherlu Rardin Walpole

Theses from 1978

A Creative Project in Design: a Set Design For Springfield Little Theatre's Production of the Hobbit, William Lairamore

Aladdin: a Puppet Theatre Production, Louis H. Schaeffer

The Last Temptation of Christ: an Example of a Cutting of a Novel of Extreme Length Into a Script of Playable Length, Le Wilhelm

Theses from 1977

A Report of an Educational Video Tape Project For the Instruction of Roller Skating to Trainable Mentally Retarded People, Mary Catherine Cantrell

The Dynamics of Social Power in a Theatrical Production Company, Nancy L. Ruppenthal

Theses from 1976

The Serpent: Examination, Exploration, Evaluation, 1976, Christine E. Stoyke

Theses from 1975

A Production Notebook For Paul Foster's Tom Paine, Donald G. Buschmann

A Production Notebook On Waiting For Godot, Margaret Joan Libertus

Preparation of a Dramatic Script For Solo Interpretation: the Tragedy of Macbeth, Dane Eric Madsen

A Production Notebook on Godspell , Produced At Springfield Catholic High School, Janice A. Matthews

A Creative Project In Design: The House Of Blue Leaves, A Play In Two Acts, Gerald E. Miller

Theses from 1974

A Design For Garcia Lorca's Yerma: Creative Project, Timothy T. Reynolds

Theses from 1973

Charting The Quest Of Demian Through The Medium Of Interpreters Theatre, Diane Anderson

Logography: an Appraisal of Rhetorical-Critical Implications, Isaac Edward Catt

The Impact and Implications Derived From the Restructuring of the Children's Theatre Conference, Kenneth D. Morris

Kinesics as Applied to Interpreters Theatre, Sharron Henry Pelham

Theses from 1972

A History of Legitimate Theatre in St. Joseph, Missouri, 1865-1900, Lawrence J. Karasz

Theses from 1971

An Interpreters Theatre: Adaptation of Nothing Gold Can Stay, Betty Jean Dayoub

The Landers Theatre in Springfield, Missouri, 1909 to 1921, Menno John Kraai

Theses from 1970

An Experimental Study of the Effects of Programmed Learning Upon Cognitively Experienced Stage Fright, Norma Jean Gillming

Theses from 1969

A History of the Southwest Missouri State College Summer Tent Program, 1963-1968, Will Craig Hutchison