Thesis Title

An Anthology: The Connectedness Of Life Happenings

Date of Graduation

Spring 2001


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

George Jensen

Subject Categories

English Language and Literature


This is a creative thesis that considers the connectedness of the events of one's life. It includes an introduction that examines the author's theory that there is no such thing as coincidence, and further explains the process by which the author came to write the selections in the anthology. The introduction cites examples of tools employed by the author, as well as other noted authors, to lessen the emotional discomfort that can be experienced when writing about particularly poignant subjects. The thesis employs these tools, which include reverting to fiction, to third person, and to poetry, while still fulfilling their autobiographical purpose. A collection of short works, the thesis attempts to bear out the author's perception that life happenings set the stage for subsequent events and actually predict, attract, and build on one another in a sometimes loosely, sometimes closely, knit pattern.


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