Date of Graduation

Fall 2014


Master of Science in Applied Anthropology


Sociology and Anthropology

Committee Chair

William Meadows


World War II, U.S. Army veterans, personnel records, ethnohistorical methods, case studies

Subject Categories



The purpose of my thesis is to determine if ethnohistorical research methods are applicable for researching World War II soldiers. The objective of this thesis is to apply ethnohistorical research methods to U.S. Army Veterans of World War II and to Produce case studies as the result of the research set forth in my thesis. With the loss of World War II soldiers occurring at such a rapid rate, it is imperative that their stories be preserved for future generations. The case studies in this thesis demonstrate that ethnohistorical methods are viable as a method for researching these soldiers. While the methods are viable, there are areas in the research that produced less than adequate results due to inaccurate information on some documents in individual personnel records.


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