Date of Graduation

Spring 2012


Master of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies


Defense and Strategic Studies

Committee Chair

Robert Joseph


synthetic biology, the biological weapons convention, biological weapons, biodefense, biosafety, biosecurity, bioterrorism, bioethics

Subject Categories

Defense and Security Studies


One of the gravest threats facing the United States is the possible use of biological weapons by a near-peer state, rogue nation or terrorist organization. Currently there are an increasing number of pathogens suitable for biological weapons. This threat has increased due to the rapid advances made world wide in the field of synthetic biology. Advances within this field have made biological weapons easier to acquire, more lethal and able to overcome advanced medical countermeasures. To deter and defend against a future biological attack, the U.S. must work with other nations to improve the Biological Weapons Convention, bioethics training, and global health efforts to prevent the proliferation of advanced biological agents and the technology necessary to produce them.


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