Date of Graduation

Spring 2013


Master of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies


Defense and Strategic Studies

Committee Chair

Kerry Kartchner


Britain, culture, deprivation, extremism, terrorism

Subject Categories

Defense and Security Studies


The July 7/7 suicide attacks on the United Kingdom (UK) were highly significant in that they were perpetrated by four 2nd and 3rd generation British citizens from Yorkshire. The event shocked both the Government and public, and forced British policymakers to reassess the nature of both integration and the welfare society at large. The purpose of this thesis is to gain a better understanding into the root causes of home-grown extremism in the UK, and to assess whether or not socio-economic deprivation, and/or culture encourage/s such extremism. Through the utilization of both statistical and cultural analyses, this thesis asserts that the roots of home-grown extremism in the UK are linked both with socio-economic deprivation and with the cultural tenets of segregated British communities. Furthermore, this thesis asserts that such extremism is thus more likely to occur in Britain's most deprived regions, and that both the economic status and political behaviors of segregated British communities are heavily influenced by culture.


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