Date of Graduation

Spring 2009


Master of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies


Defense and Strategic Studies

Committee Chair

Bradley Thayer


nuclear weapons, missile defense, post-cold war environment, American security, rogue states, peer competitor

Subject Categories

Defense and Security Studies


The United States must be prepared for the myriad of nuclear threats it will face in the twenty-first century. American preeminence and security will be challenged in the coming decades. Countries of concern to U.S. security are developing, or have developed, a weaponized capability; the rise of potential peer competitors will bring about threats to U.S. allies and its deployed forces. The inaction of the United States to revitalize its nuclear capability will leave the U.S. dangerously vulnerable when the new threats materialize. The United States has the capability to meet these threats, but it cannot afford to wait to prepare itself after the threats emerge.


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