Date of Graduation

Spring 2010


Master of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies


Defense and Strategic Studies

Committee Chair

Keith Payne


nationalisml, Africa, conflict resolution, partition, Somalia, Sudan

Subject Categories

Defense and Security Studies


The United States has significant interests at stake on the continent of Africa. These interests are threatened by constant instability that plagues the continent. Ethnic wars are largely a result of the artificial borders left from the colonization of Africa. The resulting boundaries formed neither nations nor states. Instead they have created what I designate as Frankenstates, nations forced together and bound by artificial borders which have not yielded competent governance. In order for the United States to build lasting peace in Africa, they must confront the Frankenstate and carefully work through dismantling the states based on international consensus and popular referendum. The cases of Sudan and Somalia demonstrate the history of the Frankenstate and provide lessons on the necessity and conduct of state partition that can be applied to future solutions. The United States has the unique ability and opportunity to work with partner states in Africa to develop lasting solutions to the Frankenstate.


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