Thesis Title

The Food Habits of the Amphipod Gammarus Pseudolimnaeus (Holsinger) in the Upper Region of Lake Taneycomo as Related to the Benthic Diatom (Bacillariophyceae) Microflora

Date of Graduation

Spring 1988


Master of Science in Biology



Committee Chair

Russell Rhodes


Diatoms are found to be present in the gut contents of G. pseudolimnaeus collected from selected sites on Lake Taneycomo, Taney County, Missouri. Data presented are representative of collections made during the summer of 1987. Gut content analyses indicate that with respect to diatoms G. pseudolimnaeus is a generalist in its food habits. The presence of certain diatoms in the gut may indicate a preferred Gammarus feeding area. Relative water quality of the study sites was measured by use of two different diversity indices. Water quality of the selected sites was found to fall within the range suggestive of moderate to severe pollution. Significant differences in diatom diversity were found between selected sites in the study area indicating the operation of factors not identified by this study. Siltation is discussed as a possible cause of the differences in diatom diversity and also as a possible cause of the removal of G. pseudolimnaeus from the benthos of the lake.

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