Date of Graduation

Spring 2015


Master of Science in Education in Secondary Education in Mathematics



Committee Chair

Linda Plymate


Over the course of one academic year, 187 GeoGebra projects were analyzed in this research. These consisted of projects from four high school Geometry Honors classes, two classes each in the fall and spring semester. During the first quarter of the term, each class was assigned two projects and they were given instructions either verbally in class or in videos posted to the class website. The classes alternated their forms of instruction. Although none of the results had probability values that would eliminate chance from accounting for their variability, under every comparison the mean score for the video-instruction group was greater than the mean score for the verbal-instruction group. Likewise under every comparison, the mean score for the females was greater than the mean score for the males. More research should be conducted allowing for student choice in their type of instruction and in different content areas.


video instruction, technology instruction, GeoGebra, mathematics, geometry

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Science and Mathematics Education


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