Date of Graduation

Fall 2014


Master of Science in Health Promotion and Wellness Management



Committee Chair

Melinda Novik


student athlete, alcohol, awareness, performance, knowledge, effects, NCAA

Subject Categories

Health and Medical Administration


In this study, student athlete's awareness regarding the dangers of alcohol was examined using a poster intervention method. Unlike previous studies this study looked at student athletes as their own individual subset of college campuses and instead of assessing behavior knowledge of the possible behavior was examined. Student athletes from a Midwestern Division 1 university were selected using student athletes from the men's soccer and football teams and women's golf, track and field and cross country teams. Awareness was tested using a 10 point knowledge pre- and post-survey. Awareness posters with short easy to read alcohol and performance related facts were placed around high traffic areas within the athletic building. It was found that freshman had the highest percentage of correct answers overall at both pre and post testing. Results also indicated that the highest scoring knowledge item on both pre and post was the item regarding NCAA rules and the possibility that scholarship reduction. Further research should investigate whether knowledge regarding alcohol and athletic performance correlates with behavioral change.


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