Thesis Title

The Study of Uniformity in Ion Beam Mixed Polymer/Metal Materials

Date of Graduation

Fall 2001


Master of Science in Materials Science


Physics, Astronomy, and Materials Science

Committee Chair

Ryan Giedd

Subject Categories

Materials Science and Engineering


Ion beam mixed materials were studies to test the beam and evaporation uniformity for a particular synthesis process. Specifically, thermally evaporated Gold (Au) and Tin (Sn) layers on a spin coated PSA (Polystyrene Ancylonitrile) substrate was implanted and characterized. The IBM 50 kV Tacionic Ion Implanter is generally capable of doping the PSA materials with different elements. Also, as a part of the research project we upgraded the ion beam accel-decel mechanism used to fine tune the beam. The four motors, Z-axis, X-axis, θ-axis, and φ-axis, are controlled using switches located in the extractor plate controller assembly. This unit was rebuilt since the focus panel was malfunctioning and inadequate for the fine uniformity control required for this study. The resistivity of each region of the sample was measured to determine the degree of uniformity of our thermal evaporation and implantation process. The flood guns used to keep the positive ions from interfering with negative ion beam were also studied to find the theoretical effect on implant uniformity.


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