Date of Graduation

Fall 2011


Master of Science in Plant Science (Agriculture)


College of Agriculture

Committee Chair

Martha Wilkerson


tannin, chambourcin, polymeric pigment, sulfur dioxide, wine color

Subject Categories

Plant Sciences


The formation of polymeric pigment in red wines is hindered by sulfur dioxide. Therefore, it is often advised to keep sulfur dioxide levels relatively low during the aging of red wines. This can be problematic with many red wines as it does not allow for enough sulfur dioxide for microbial stability. Chambourcin wines typically have low levels of tannin which reduces the amount of polymeric pigment produced. This research project compared the color development of a Chambourcin wine in 30 gal polyethylene wine maturation tanks over a nine month period while maintaining either 20 or 60 mg/L sulfur dioxide. A control treatment using glass carboys and 60 mg/L sulfur dioxide was also included. Treatments were compared for polymeric pigment formation, tannin levels, and color stability. High sulfur dioxide levels hindered polymeric pigment formation but the stability of red wine color was not impacted.


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