Woolee An

Date of Graduation

Fall 2014


Master of Science in Psychology



Committee Chair

Ann Rost


values, acceptance and commitment therapy, psychological flexibility, expressive writing, cross-cultural comparison

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The aim of the current study is threefold: (a) to explore similarities and differences in values between students in the United States and students in South Korea; (b) to study the impact of expressive writing on value concordant living; and (c) to examine potential differences in writing across cultures. A total of 571 participants from the US and 547 participants from South Korea were recruited for part 1 of the study. Different rank orders in the Valued Living Questionnaire between these two countries were observed using mean differences. A total of 51 students from the US and 14 students from South Korea were recruited for part 2 of this study. A Friedman test was used, and several statistical differences were observed between these countries due to the impact of expressive writing. Participants were divided into three experimental groups: Values, Traumatic, and Control. A brief content analysis was conducted on the actual writings from participants between the United States and South Korea. Different and similar values themes were confirmed from the writings between the two, consistent with the results of part 1.


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