Sarah Basye

Date of Graduation

Spring 2008


Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders


Communication Sciences and Disorders

Committee Chair

Julie Masterson


sound system disorder, phonology, articulation, evidence-based practice, Missouri normative data

Subject Categories

Communication Sciences and Disorders


Sound system disorders make up the largest part of speech-language pathology caseloads and have been shown to affect children in many areas besides speech. This thesis is meant to inform clinical decision making and give educational systems in Missouri the resources they need to identify and treat children with SSD. Charts were created to reflect improvements in sampling methods and specificity of reference data. Additional information about standardized tests, intelligibility, percent consonants correct was provided to help IEP teams make decisions about children with questionable SSD eligibility. Information is provided to assist with determining whether phonological differences reflect dialectal or second language influences versus a phonological delay. Literature about academic outcomes with SSE and teach and caregiver strategies associated with SSD are reviewed. Finally, information is provided to assist with treatment target selection and treatment strategies.


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