Date of Graduation

Summer 2010


Master of Science in Counseling


Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education

Committee Chair

Kristi Perryman


locus of control, counselor orientation class, affect, self-awareness, counselor development

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The current study sought to identify whether a beginning counseling orientation class had an effect on the locus of control and affect of counseling students. Counseling students were required to take an orientation to counseling class. The current study involved 92 counseling graduate students participating in the counseling orientation class that was formed around the group experiential process. Data were gathered throughout eight academic semesters. Students were asked to complete two instruments assessing locus of control at the beginning of the orientation class and at the end of the orientation class. Participants were also asked to maintain a weekly journal recording their experience from the class. The results were mixed. Using quantitative methods, the instruments were analyzed, and indicated a trend towards a positive change from external to internal locus of control for the counseling students. Using qualitative methods and coding, the results provided a theory for understanding the role of locus of control in counselor student development in a group setting. The results from the current study indicated that this type of counseling orientation class may help the beginning counselors shift in their personal awareness.


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