Date of Graduation

Summer 2011


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

W.D. Blackmon


fiction, novel, horses, coming-of-age, contemporary

Subject Categories

English Language and Literature


QUICK FIX AND HEARTBEATS English Missouri State University, August 2011 Master of Arts Jessica Sneeringer ABSTRACT This thesis comprises a critical essay and the beginning of a novel. The critical essay is an introduction to the novel. It explores the long history of how horses have been used in fiction through a few key novels and short stories. The character and symbolism of the horse is analyzed with focus on the similarities and differences between each work. The introduction aims to examine where my novel conforms and where it differs from the traditions of horse fiction. Following the introduction is the beginning of my novel where horses play a key role in the plot. The novel also seeks to explore themes of freedom, sexuality, mental health and friendship.


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