Date of Graduation

Spring 2013


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

Sara Burge


duality, juxtaposition, sexuality, power dynamics, gender roles, race

Subject Categories

English Language and Literature


The aim of this thesis study is to complete a full length collection of poetry (30-40 poems) written and/or revised during my time at Missouri State University. The collection, and its critical introduction, focuses on the concept of duality as a means of approaching poetry. Duality is a concept that is intrinsic in poetry due to the fact that the impact on the speaker varies depending on whether the poem is read privately, thereby allowing the audience to absorb the poem visually, or heard through recitation. Duality is also an important concept to the author due to his being bi-racial, as well as living a juxtaposed life. Examples of this are the contrast of his grandfather owning a farm but the poet preferring urban residence, the poet's interest in the power dynamics of sex and/or sexuality, and the poet's developing interest in exploring complicated emotional/psychological/spiritual themes while maintaining use of straightforward language. Another aspect the poet plans to explore is the juxtaposition between the use of visual imagery and the importance of sound via diction and syntax within poetry.


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