Date of Graduation

Summer 2008


Master of Music



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Daniel Hellman


band, retention, middle school, high school, transition

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Retention of students in band as they transition from middle school to high school has been a common problem for many years. The purpose of this study was to determine which factors were most influential to students when they considered whether or not to participate in high school band. Eighty-six students currently enrolled in high school band and eleven students who completed middle school band program but did not continue band in high school were surveyed to determine which factors most influenced their decisions. T-Tests were used to compare means. Results indicated that students who participated in optional band activities in middle school were not more likely to continue band in high school., and students who continued in band did so because they wanted to continue playing their instruments. Students who discontinued band in high school identified conflicts with sports, class schedules, and loss of interest as reasons not to pursue band in high school.


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