Date of Graduation

Summer 2014


Master of Science in Counseling


Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education

Committee Chair

Leslie Anderson


women's empowerment, El Salvador, trauma, counseling, abuse

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This study explores the lived experience of the Mothers' Club program for Salvadorian women who have suffered trauma. This is a phenomenological study seeking to understand the experience of mothers who completed a nine-month group training to learn about nutrition, hygiene, self-esteem, job skills, micro-enterprise, and agriculture. Participants for this study consisted of three women from various groups of mothers who participated in Mothers' Clubs. Using personal interviews, information was analyzed thematically to gain a deeper understanding of the types of trauma women in the program have faced and the extent to which Mothers' Clubs addressed trauma. The results of the study include themes of trauma and surrounding circumstances as well as positive, healing outcomes of the program, which include spirituality, resilience, community, self-efficacy, self-worth. The results also point to deeper insight and recommendations for future counselors as agents in nonprofit organizations and also for development and nonprofit organizations as advocates for women in traumatic situations.


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