Date of Graduation

Summer 2011


Master of Science in Education in Secondary Education in Mathematics



Committee Chair

Linda Plymate


teaching, assistant, student, mathematical knowledge for teaching, content knowledge

Subject Categories

Science and Mathematics Education


This study examines factors related to a teaching assistant's (TA) teaching effectiveness on student achievement in undergraduate mathematics courses. The identification of possible factors of TA teaching effectiveness are addressed, including the TA's educational background, previous teaching experience, and mathematical scores on the Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (MKT) test. Using both inferential and correlation analysis, this study shows that those students taught by TAs with high MKT scores averaged significantly higher on final exams than those taught by TAs with low MKT scores (p < 0.10). Results also indicate significantly more students of 1st year TAs passing the final exam (70 percent or higher) than students of 2nd year TAs (p < 0.05). Non-significant differences among students' achievement scores based on the TA's educational background and previous teaching experience are also discussed, as well as recommendations based on the findings of the study.


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