Date of Graduation

Spring 2011


Master of Science in Health Promotion and Wellness Management



Committee Chair

Sarah McCallister


golf, overuse injuries, preventative exercise, golf swing modification, right lateral trunk flexion, low back pain

Subject Categories

Health and Medical Administration


The purpose of this study was to determine if the application of an 8-week, golf-specific, home-exercise program could alter the degree of change in right lateral trunk flexion of college-aged, male golfers during the golf drive. This study featured nine male golfers (4 experimental and 5 control group participants) with a mean age of 25.2 years. This study was conducted primarily at Hammons Student Center on the Missouri State University campus. Right lateral trunk flexion was measured using Dartfish video analysis software, and was measured at the point of ball address and the point of driver face-ball contact. These measurements were subtracted to yield the degrees of trunk flexion. The experimental and control group data were separately analyzed with a t-test: Paired Two Sample for Means using Microsoft Excel 2007, and neither the experimental nor control group presented a statistically significant change in trunk flexion (P>0.05). In this study, the application of a golf-specific, home-exercise program does not appear to be applicable to the reduction of right lateral trunk flexion and the overall reduction in low-back overuse injury risk.


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