Date of Graduation

Spring 2013


Master of Science in Psychology



Committee Chair

Russell N. Carney


face-name mnemonics, abstract, concrete, keywords, name clues

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This experiment calls into question whether concrete keywords (name clues) provide the best memory cues when used in the face-name mnemonic strategy. Sixty-seven students from Missouri State University were given training on how to use the face-name mnemonic strategy via the Qualtric survey system. Later they were asked to study and memorize 30 face-name pairs. These face-name pairs were presented with either a concrete or abstract keyword that was similar to the name to be learned. Participants later took a test on the face-name pairs. It was found that concrete keywords provided significantly better recall on the face-name pairs. In addition, the Qualtric survey system recorded the latency or response time the participant took on each test item. It was found that participant's response time was significantly longer for items paired with abstract keywords. Also, participant spent significantly more time on items they got wrong. Participants were also administered Operational Span Task (OSPAN) a computerized test that measures working memory abilities. It was found that OSPAN had poor predictive validity in determining how many items each participant would get correct.


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