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Fall 2014


Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice


Criminology and Criminal Justice

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Patti Salinas


Treatment courts have been created to focus on treatment of those in the criminal justice system rather than incarceration. The first veterans treatment court was established in Buffalo, New York in 2008. These courts have spread across the United States. The state of Missouri has six veterans treatment courts in operation. This research is an observational study of the processes of the Missouri veterans treatment courts. On-site observations of the Missouri veterans treatment courts were conducted over a one year period. Qualitative methods including a matrix to categorize observations, and ethnographic techniques were used to collect and analyze data. Using Braithwaite's reintegrative shaming theory and the Ten Key Components of Veterans Treatment Courts developed by Judge Robert Russell, this study compared and contrasted the courts within the state of Missouri to the Buffalo Veterans Treatment Court. This research answerers the questions of how the veterans treatment courts in Missouri operate, are they integrating and employing the key components of veterans treatment courts, and are they functioning in a way that promotes reintegration of the participant into society? This research lays a foundation for further study of the veteran treatment courts in the state of Missouri, as well as across the country by providing a framework in which to conduct observations of these courts. Additionally, increasing data collection, monitoring, and evaluating the data surrounding these courts has been identified as areas the Missouri veterans treatment courts can focus on in order to build the best practices and standards for these courts.


veterans treatment courts, Missouri veterans treatment courts, reintegrative shaming, therapeutic courts, qualitative research, observational research

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Criminology and Criminal Justice


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