Thesis Title

Structure And Characteristics Of The Small Lodging Businesses In Branson, Missouri: A Survey-Based Study


Kazi N. Haque

Date of Graduation

Summer 2004


Master of Natural and Applied Science in Geography, Geology, and Planning


Geography, Geology, and Planning

Committee Chair

Dimitri Ioannides


Branson, Missouri has grown from a small town into a booming entertainment and recreation center in the heartland of America. Consequently, there has been tremendous growth in businesses that service the tourism industry. In fact, the economy of Branson is based almost solely on tourism. The city offers dozens of music theaters, restaurants, and retail stores. To meet tourists' lodging needs, Branson has a large number of hotels and motels offering a wide variety of prices, amenities, and locations. Among these lodging businesses are numerous small, independently owned motels and hotels, which play an important part in the local tourism economy. Despite the importance of the small lodging businesses in Branson, there have been no academic studies of the organizational characteristics and business structure of such enterprises. This study examines specific methods of business operations and the structures of these small businesses in Branson. This is done through a general survey of the characteristics of the small lodging business environment using a questionnaire, supplemented with two specific case studies of two small lodging businesses in Branson and Joplin, Missouri. As such, this study has unique value not only for academic research but also as a guide for future enterpreneurs. Since it examines the structure and characteristics of these small lodging businesses, it will be helpful for those who hope to start similar businesses in Branson or likened resort communities. Furthermore, the results from this research will help planners and policy makers take appropriate measures to find amenable solutions for the lack of infrastructure such as affordable housing for the workforce in Branson.


entrepreneurship, small lodging businesses, family-run establishments, tourism, Branson

Subject Categories

Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Tourism and Travel


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