Murat Kuvanc

Date of Graduation

Spring 2016


Master of Natural and Applied Science in Geography, Geology, and Planning


Geography, Geology, and Planning

Committee Chair

Kevin Mickus


Thrace basin, Turkey, gas reservoir, seismic reflection data, well log data, gravity data

Subject Categories

Geology | Geophysics and Seismology


The Thrace basin is located between the Paleogene the Istranca and Rhdope massifs in the northwestern part of Turkey. Sediments in the Thrace basin accumulated during the early Eocene to the late Miocene, and the basin includes normal and strike-slip faults that were mainly formed in the Miocene. The hydrocarbon potential of the Thrace basin has been investigated by analyzing seismic reflection, well log, and gravity data since the 1930s; the basin has a huge gas reservoir potential and contains the first gas production field in Turkey. To determine the geologic and geophysics features of a portion of the basin and investigate the hydrocarbon potential of that area, new seismic reflection, well log, and gravity data were analyzed here. These data provide for subsurface maps and images that show the geologic structures, which include pull-apart basin and anticlinal structure. Well log analyses shows gas-bearing zones in the Well 2 and 3 wells but these results do not support the idea that the reservoir has economic potential for gas production. Gravity anomalies were mapped to show the overall basin thickness.


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