Thesis Title

A Formative Evaluation of Environmental Education At Roaring River Fish Hatchery


Gregg Krumme

Date of Graduation

Spring 2001


Master of Science in Biology



Committee Chair

Janice Greene

Subject Categories



Environmental education programs, literature, and displays at Roaring River Fish hatchery in Barry County, Missouri, were evaluated using a formative evaluation approach. Two different visitor surveys were employed. Aquaculture/fishing knowledge was measured using a series of ten multiple choice and ten true false questions. Environmental attitude was measured using a series of five Likert-scale questions. A series of open-ended and forced-choice questions evaluated visitors' use of facilities, tours, programs, and displays. Demographic information including gender, educational level, age, and residency was collected. Frequencies of all responses were tabulated, including correct/incorrect answers. Knowledge and attitude scores were calculated and analyzed for significant differences between groups based on tour participation, gender, educational level, and age. 218 Hatchery surveys and 250 Educational surveys were collected. Mean knowledge scores were low (11.9 out of 20; SD = 3.4). Mean attitude scores were high (4.0 out of 5.0; SD = 1.2). Tour participants scores significantly higher in knowledge than non-tour participants (W = 13662, p < 0.001). Males scored significantly higher in knowledge than females (W = 8308, p = 0.006). Respondents without high school diplomas scored significantly lower than some other groups in both knowledge (Z = -3.03, p = 0.009) and attitude (Z = -4.21, p < 0.001). Respondents under the age of 16 scored significantly lower than some other groups in both knowledge (Z = -3.79, p < 0.001) and attitude (Z + -4.67, p < 0.001). Suggestions for meeting Missouri Department of Conservation's educational goals included changes in: tour/display implementation; signage; facilities maintenance; handicap accessiblity; and informational content/availability.


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