Thesis Title

Holistic Assessment of Creative Writing, Grades 1-6

Date of Graduation

Summer 1987


Master of Science in Education in Elementary Education


Childhood Education and Family Studies

Committee Chair

Andre Bayliss

Subject Categories

Elementary Education and Teaching


The purpose of this study was to investigate the efficacy of the Modified Grosse Pointe Writing Scale (MGP) in the holistic assessment of writing samples from grades 1-6. Investigated in the study was: (a) the relationship between students' writing performance and reading achievement, and (b) inter-rater reliability of the reader-raters on the second writing sample. Reading achievement was measured by reading comprehension subtest scores from standardized achievement tests administered at students' home schools. Writing performance was measured and based on the MGP 1-5 scale earned in holistic assessment of 244 writing samples taken in May of 1987. Findings concerning the relationship between reading achievement and writing performance were as follows: Out of the 14 sample classes, a significant relationship between writing performance and reading achievement was determined in 7 of the classes. In the remaining 7 classes, however, no statistical significance was found. Findings pertaining to inter-rater reliability were not confirmed at the .75 level established by the investigator. The investigator concluded this may have been the result of several factors. Exact agreement, as applied in this study, may have been too stringent a criteria. Further, closer agreement may have been easier to attain if teachers serving as reader-raters had had more experience teaching upper-grade children. Recommendations for further study included: (a) continued investigation of the relationship between reading achievement and writing performance, and (b) continued holistic assessment of sample papers using the MGP based on the criteria of a one-point difference between reader-raters as acceptable.


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