Thesis Title

The Utmost Careful Way


Susan Dunn

Date of Graduation

Spring 2001


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

Michael Burns

Subject Categories

English Language and Literature


These poems represent a sampling of my creative work from the last two years, with some earlier undergraduate work. It deals with the themes of sexuality, family history, relationships with men, and observations of local color. Contents: Self portrait in a riddle -- A note about having my uterus removed -- What she thinks -- What fell is found -- Trying to reach orgasm -- While cooking dinner -- Five days in a midwest winter -- Wanting to fish -- Adultery -- Looking for a way to be lover s-- Just before the marriage is over -- No healing was done -- Asking for advice -- This is mine (Crowded with locals at McGurk's) -- My Mother's story -- For Mother, falling in the laundry room -- Lot's wife -- Traces of Nancy -- Ghost story -- Waiting for a tragedy -- Some smoke for a soul -- Because of this, she still waits for a tragedy -- While walking I thought how -- Conversation with a hunter -- Pennsyvlania -- A Mexican fable of love -- Song for a Puerto Rican muneca -- Office talk -- Dusk at the Twi-lite Inn -- At the crosswalk -- The cul-de-sac poem -- Looking up -- Watching the twins from my living room -- Watching the starlings mate -- At the stoplight I look over -- After the French film -- Dog poem -- Early autumn -- Walking through webs -- On losing a neighbor -- From a train in Amsterdam -- Hitting the coyote -- In this back yard -- New Year's Eve, 1999.


© Susan Dunn