Thesis Title

A Creative Approach to Play Direction Through the Shadow Box: a Thesis Production

Date of Graduation

Spring 1987


Master of Arts


Theatre and Dance

Committee Chair

Robert Bradley

Subject Categories

Theatre and Performance Studies


The purpose of this study is to trace the directorial process of a student director using a production of Michael Cristofer's The Shadow Box. The play was produced as a practical, creative thesis with emphasis placed on the application of learned directing skills. The methodology, detailed in Chapter One, is based on a production model as described by Alexander Cohen and John Harrop in the book, Creative Play Direction. Biographical information about the author and critical discussion of original productions are included as Chapter Two. Chapter Three focuses on the analytical and artistic processes examined by this director, and the Prompt Script of the production follows as Chapter Four. A Director's Journal, detailing the production period, serves as Chapter Five, and a critical self-evaluation of the finished work culminates in Chapter Six. A bibliography of works cited and an appendix of related source material concludes this thesis.


© John R Rogers