Thesis Title

A Directional Approach to Commedia Dell' Arte as Applied in the Production of a Company of Wayward Saints By George Herman

Date of Graduation

Fall 1987


Master of Arts


Theatre and Dance

Committee Chair

Robert Bradley

Subject Categories

Theatre and Performance Studies


The purpose of this study is to record the directorial apprach to a play that represents a particular period style of theatre. This study encompasses the period style of Commedia dell' Arte as demonstrated in the modern play, A Company of Wayward Saints by George Herman. The play was produced as a practical, creative thesis, emphasizing the research of a historic period style of theatre and the execution of a selected rehearsal methodology to present a certain period style. This study can be labeled a practical guide to a directorial approach to period style of theatre for the student director and actor. The areas included in this study are: basic research of a period style of theatre in Chapter II, the analysis of the chosen playscript in Chapter III, the examination of the selected rehearsal methodology in Chapter IV, the application of the selected rehearsal methodology in Chapter V, and finally, the justification of this study in Chapter VI. A bibliography of works cited, works consulted, and an appendix of related source material concludes this thesis.


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