Thesis Title

The Effects on Parenting Readiness and Attitudes of Teens in Response to Caring for an Infant Simulator

Date of Graduation

Fall 2006


Master of Science in Early Childhood and Family Development


Family, Life Course, and Society

Committee Chair

Peggy Pearl


This study examined teen’s perceived readiness for parenting by description of their attitudes and behaviors using infant simulators. In addition, teens’ readiness for parenting was evaluated through parents’ perceptions of their teens’ attitudes and behaviors. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the readiness of teens to be parents by using an infant simulator as an effective way to determine perceptions and realities of teen pregnancy. Pre and post tests, parent questionnaires, and interviews with parents were conducted to assess their perceptions of outcomes from using the infant simulator. The researcher found that parents were satisfied with the infant simulator program and would recommend it to other parents of teens. Other results indicated that participation in the program created an increased awareness among teens about the responsibilities of parenting.


infant simulator, parenting skills, child development, family and consumer sciences, teen pregnancy

Subject Categories

Family, Life Course, and Society


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