Date of Graduation

Summer 2008


Master of Arts in Theatre


Theatre and Dance

Committee Chair

Christopher Herr


creative arts therapy, drama therapy, ensemble work, survivors of abuse, Sergey Ostrenko

Subject Categories

Theatre and Performance Studies


This study combined techniques of theatre directors Jerzy Grotowski and Sergey Ostrenko with creative arts therapy and ensemble work to promote expression, cognition and relational healing among participants over a six-week period. Techniques focused on various aspects of participants' emotional, psychological and relational needs. This assimilation of rehearsal methods, ensemble work and creative arts therapy methods with abused teenage girls is unique. The director documents the project's design and implementation and describes its impact on participants. Two young participants wrote about rape, and through their performance expressed their remaining grief, while speaking out with confidence against future abuse. Similarly, an increased sense of identity and healing was evident at the end of the six weeks process when participants performed their creative work as an ensemble. The writer's hope is that project impression, its implementation and reflection on its impact will spur further exploration into creative means for expression, cognition and relational growth among adolescent survivors of abuse.


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