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Fall 2014


Master of Arts in Theatre


Theatre and Dance

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Carol Maples


The purpose of this thesis is to identify the technical elements as an eighth character in Henrik Ibsen's play, Hedda Gabler. The technical elements specifically explored are set design, set dressing design, property design, and costume design. The eighth character is an integral part to the understanding of the characters, the plot, and the play itself. The evolution of relationships, as well as individual character growth can only be found using the technical elements as Ibsen created. In order to understand the characters on more than a simple surface level, one must consider the interaction with the technical elements, the control (or lack thereof) of the individual with the technical elements, and the evolution of the interaction between character and technical elements throughout the duration of the play. Without the technical elements, or the eighth character, Hedda Gabler would be incomplete. This thesis not only discusses the importance of the technical elements within the play but connects the technical elements to a deeper understanding of the seven physical characters as well as creating the original concept of viewing the technical elements in Hedda Gabler as an additional eighth character. This research shows the importance of the technical elements in regards to the play, Hedda Gabler as it emerges as a necessary eighth character.


Hedda Gabler, Henrik Ibsen, technical design, eighth character, Eilert Lovborg, Tesman, properties, costumes

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Theatre and Performance Studies


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