Thesis Title

An Exploration Of The Semiotic Potential Of Choreography Within A Straight Play Utilized In A Production Of Jim Leonard, Jr's And They Dance Real Slow In Jackson

Date of Graduation

Fall 2000


Master of Arts in Theatre


Theatre and Dance

Committee Chair

Robert Bradley

Subject Categories

Theatre and Performance Studies


The purpose of this study has been to explore the semiotic potential of choreography in a straight play utilized in a production of Jim Leonard, Jr's, And They Dance Real Slow In Jackson. The study employed elements of the semiotic analysis presented by Jon Whitmore in Directing Postmodern Theatre: Shaping Signification in Performance to emphasize visual and aural elements of production. Included in the study is an overview of the communicative properties of movement. This was a creative thesis project with the method of investigation being exploratory. The thesis is divided into siz chapters with the final chapter providing recommendations for further studies.


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