Date of Graduation

Spring 2009


Master of Arts in Writing



Committee Chair

Kristene Sutliff


creative nonfiction, essays, memoirs, southern Missouri, Mansfield

Subject Categories

Creative Writing


Tramplings, and Other Stories is a collection of creative nonfiction essays centered on events that took place in my small home town of Mansfield, Missouri. Spending the first two decades of my life in the conservative rural town has bestowed upon me a unique worldview, and the farther I get from Mansfield, the more I realize the great influence the town and its people still have on my life. The essays included in the collection progress chronologically, thought they need not be read in any particular order, and revisit a rodeo, a school bus route, a death, and a revelation. Tramplings, and Other Stories attempts to patch together historical fragments of a southern Missouri town and within that town, a single life.


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